Monday, December 4, 2023

Upgrading My Girlfriend: M2F Body Swap


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Sasha is a quiet rich girl with a boyfriend who finds her boring in bed. Despite feeling insulted, she wants to give him the best money can buy, so she hires the services of the Swapping Brothel to put a sex worker in her body. By switching bodies with a sex worker and letting Joseph have his fun, she hopes he'll be able to get his dark fantasies out of the way so she won't have to worry. But when Sasha learns that she's about to swap bodies with a transgender woman, she finds herself curious about her body as her mind flows through the machine. Unfortunately, Joseph and his chosen sex worker have more in mind than a temporary swap. Joseph wants to upgrade his girlfriend, and Casey knows all the right moves...

Upgrading my Girlfriend is a 5000+ word erotic short story involving male to female body swapping, gender change, age progression, and age regression. This material is only suitable for 18+ readers.

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