Monday, September 11, 2023

Loving This Body - M2F Body Possession


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Akari, a vibrant young escort, has finally found love with Devon, a freshly divorced man who has been seduced by her. They celebrate their official and exclusive relationship with a night at a hotel, but anticipation turns to unease when she feels a menacing presence trying to control her from within. The gifted necklace around her neck begins to warm up as she grapples with the ominous voice in her head. Devon returns with a blonde-haired voodoo doll, and when he places it in her lap, she loses control of her beautiful body. Devon has marked Akari for his transgender wife's new body. And once Annabelle is in full control, she doesn't waste any time in making the body possession ritual permanent.

Loving This Body is a 5000+ word erotic short story involving male to female body possession, dark magic, age regression, and gender change. There are sexual themes that are for 18+ readers only.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Wish Gone Wrong - M2F Body Swap


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Robert stumbles into a magic shop seeking a way out of his financial turmoil. Gifted with three wishes, he selects wealth through a genie's lamp for his first wish. But the wish goes horribly wrong. He wakes up in the body of a beautiful woman, and Robert must navigate an unexpected fate as the future mistress of a rich couple. They want to use his new body to bear their children. The wife is too old to have children, and they're willing to give Robert a generous reward to have sex with her husband. He decides to take the reward to transfer to his old body once he uses his next two wishes, but as he flirts and seduces the husband, the desire to be bred only intensifies.

Wish Gone Wrong is a 6,000+ word erotic short story involving male to female body swapping, gender change, cucking, impregnation, age progression, and age regression. This material is only suitable for 18+ readers.

Accidental possession - Part 3

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