Sunday, October 29, 2023

Girlfriend's New Body - M2F Body Transformation


Erica is a busy transgender woman who has been transitioning with the help of gender transitioning pills, a special type of medication that slowly changes her body. She's helping a team of researchers understand its transformative effects on others. She originally tested them to grow a natural pair of breasts, but she notices other things changing too. Her hair is softer, and her sexual desire is through the roof. She feels more submissive, and sex just feels so much better. Her personal path has been a challenging one, but with each change in her body, she discovers newfound happiness and freedom alongside her boyfriend, Griffith. She thinks that her feminized body has reached its peak, but during a shopping trip together, Erica's body begins to change once more, and the final step to her slow transition finally arrives.

Girlfriend's New Body is a 5000+ word erotic short story containing sexual themes that are for 18+ readers only. This short story contains themes of body transformation and male to female gender swapping.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

It's All Mine: M2F Body Possession


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Fiona's headache seems like a minor inconvenience when she comes to Tyler's house to pick him up. They're supposed to go to a party, but the headache seems to be getting worse. Concerned, Tyler offers her an unusual tea with "painkillers" inside. She drinks it and decides to stay in for the night, unaware of the impending danger ahead, while the potion inside the tea begins to work its magic. As sleep overtakes her, she's plunged into a nightmare where a shadow enters her body, controlling her every move. Melania, a transgender woman desperate for youth and beauty, had seen Fiona as her salvation. Fiona's body is young and gorgeous, and Melania' desperately wants to start a family with her husband. With the help of a witch and Tyler's willingness to help steal his girlfriend's body, the wealthy power couple will get what they desperately desire.

It's All Mine is a 5000+ word erotic short story involving male to female body possession, dark magic, age regression, and gender change. There are sexual themes that are for 18+ readers only.

Accidental possession - Part 3

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