Saturday, August 26, 2023

His New Partner - M2F Body Swap

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Julia, after years of feeling trapped in a body that never truly felt like hers, discovers a groundbreaking solution: a body swap clinic. Here, she meets Cindy, a breathtaking beauty with a soul that yearns to be a man. Their desires align perfectly, allowing them to undergo a transformative body swap. Half a year of rehabilitation later, Julia feels she's finally home within herself. Reunited with Steve, her loving fiancé, they indulge in the pure ecstasy of each other's company, basking in the renewed intimacy their relationship had so deeply craved. But the serenity is short-lived. An unexpected email earlier that day bothers Julia. It's Cindy reaching out with a plea: she wants her body back...

His New Partner is a 5000+ word erotic short story involving male to female body swapping, gender change, impregnation, age progression, and age regression. This material is only suitable for 18+ readers.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Make Me Yours - M2F Body Swap


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In the lavish halls of Transitions Resort, where groundbreaking body swapping procedure grants transgender individuals the bodies they've always yearned for, Kelly starts her life anew with her perfect body. She loves every inch of her new form. Having transitioned seamlessly, she encounters Thomas, a captivating massage therapist, and an unexpected romantic journey begins. Amid the soft touches and intimate moments, a deep connection forms between them. The problem is that Thomas is married, and relationships with customers is forbidden. Despite this, Kelly's horny body begs for his loving touch as she makes a move on him during a very intimate massage...

Make Me Yours is a 6000+ word erotic short story involving male to female body swapping, cheating, gender change, impregnation, and age regression. This material is only suitable for 18+ readers.

Possessing my crush's crush


Saturday, August 19, 2023

Being His Girlfriend: F2F Body Swap


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Ada's relationship with Eddie is crumbling, and desperation leads her to an unconventional solution: body-swapping with her best friend, Debora, the experienced flirt. With the mystical aid of her witch aunt, Ada watches from Debora's eyes as she attempts to seduce Eddie back into love. But as lines blur and passions ignite, Ada must question whether love's true magic can be captured through enchantment or if her relationship was doomed from the start. In a tale of friendship, love, and magical intrigue, the body-swap might change more than just appearances—it might change their hearts forever if they're not careful.

Being His Girlfriend is a first person 6,000+ word erotic short story involving a female to female body swapping. This story is for 18+ readers only.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Our First Time: M2F Body Transformation & Impregnation


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Donnie has always felt uncomfortable in his male body, a longing he could never quite put his finger on. His best friend Justin, aware of his struggle, supports him when they discover the transformation skinsuit, a cutting-edge technology that promises change. Justin has helped pay a significant amount for the skinsuit to help his best friend. The only catch is that Donnie has to help him lose his virginity. And once he dons the skinsuit and feels his body fully transform, he figures that a little fun with Justin can't hurt. But the skinsuit has changed more than just his body - his mind feels different as well. The more they explore each other, the more they start to fall in love...

Our First Time is a first person 6,000+ word erotic and romantic short story involving a male to female body transformation and accidental impregnation that are for 18+ readers.

Accidental possession - Part 3

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