Monday, December 25, 2023

Converted & Sissified - M2F Body Swap

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When Will was given the choice of being a woman for a year or spending five years in prison, the choice didn't seem that hard. Being a girl wasn't something he considered to be an actual punishment. As a sexist jerk, Will never considered life to be so different. But after serving his sentence an getting unbelievably horny, he's decided that he can't take it anymore. He books a room in the Pleasure Shop to experience sexual gratification for the first time as a woman, and once he experiences endless orgasms and true womanhood, he slowly starts to lose himself in his lust. He finds a lot of joy in being a woman, and as another man helps him lose his masculinity, the desire to become a man again begins to dwindle.

Converted & Sissified is a 4,500+ word erotic short story involving male to female body swapping, sissification, gender change, age progression, and age regression. This material is only suitable for 18+ readers.

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